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Feel free to message us at should you have additional questions.

Do you offer a day pass?

Yes, we have a day pass option for $20/day.

Pay via VENMO and sign a waiver in the box attached to the table outside the gym doors. Leave the signed waiver in the box. 

If a trainer is on-site, they can let you into the gym; if not, the Tractor Works security (on staff 24 hours) can let you into the building if locked and into the gym. You can reach them at 612-910-9439. Just show them you paid and let them know you signed a waiver.

Are you open 24 hours?

Yes, our gym is open 24 hours! The Tractor Works building is open from M-F, 7 am - 6 pm. Outside these hours, your fob will get you into the building from outside, and it will also get you into the gym. The Tractor Works security is on staff 24 hours a day should you run into issues if an NLF trainer is not on-site. 

How can I receive reimbursement from my insurance provider?

You can receive a $20 monthly credit for all qualified

Health Partners, Preferred One, and Medica members when

you visit the required number of times per month.

To enroll with one of these health providers, pick up your membership key card, go to, select North Loop Fitness, and enter the numbers on your

key fob (your member number).

How do I get free
one hour parking?

As a member of NLF, you have access to free parking in our ramp (up to 60 minutes free by validating your ticket at our parking iPad system in the gym). Metered street parking is also available.

To receive free one-hour parking, park in the maroon/brown ramp attached to the building to the north and print a ticket. Bring the ticket with you and enter the 5-digit number on the iPad in the gym, including your name. Be sure you do not exceed the hour time limit, or you will be charged fully. 

How can I get a replacement for a lost fob?

If you lost your fob, please email so we can deactivate the old fob and get you a replacement. The replacement fob fee is $50.

How do I cancel my membership?

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